All Natural Odor Buster

vinegarIf you have kids, you have odor. My nose is especially sensitive and seems to have become more sensitive since having children. I can smell a poopy diaper from across the house. Its almost a super-power. (When daddy is home, that is when I tell the baby that daddy needs a hug. 🙂 )

I try to keep things as natural as can be around here. Chemicals can be a scary thing, not knowing how they interact with our bodies. Real butter not margarine in the food, dye free yogurt and laundry detergent and I use vinegar to clean with – a lot.

Vinegar is acidic enough to kill most bacteria, it neutralizes smell (HELLO cloth diapers) and most recently was able to tackle the odor in the carbet after a recent bout with a stomach virus around here. (The kiddos tried, but didn’t always make the buckets placed strategically by the bed. *shudder*)

After a thorough scrubbing, things are getting better. Happy Helpful Tip Tuesday! I hope it finds you in good health!

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