Chicken Broth – Simmer without watching

Well, its What to eat Wednesday and now all of us are sick. Blech. So, in honor of the our illness, here is my recipe for homemade chicken broth. (I use it as a base for any number of dishes) I use a crock pot so I can simmer the stock for hours without having to add more water. This makes for a stronger, more delicious stock. **Picture is chicken and dumplings, one of the many dishes that use this stock.


1 Roast Chicken carcus picked only slighly cleandumplings
1 medium Onion
1 clove Garlic
1 pinch each: Thyme, Sage, Rosemary
1 Bay Leaf
6/8 Cups of Water (or until chicken is submerged in 1/2 inch of water)

Add to crockpot and simmer on low for 6 hrs.


13 thoughts on “Chicken Broth – Simmer without watching

  1. Okay so I’ve taken over much of the house duties and I am always looking for good recipes. That picture looks delicious. I’ve only made Chicken and dumplings once before and your picture looks way better. I would love any tips (if you wouldn’t mind sharing). I looked through your recipes, but find one for the Chicken and dumplings.

      • Its not up yet. That I was saving till next week. 🙂 My trick for a really yummy creamy dumpling soup is to follow the Bisquick recipe with a little extra milk. Let sit for 5 min. this will allow the dumpling to rise in the bowl. Simmer on a low simmer so when the dumplings start to cook, it also melts into the broth. Boil covered for 1st 1/2 of cook time. Silky smooth yummy chicken and dumplings…Sneak peek on next weeks recipe.

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  3. So…I’m a beginner! And I am planning on making this and your chicken dumplings this week. The recipe above…do I add any water?

  4. This turned out amazing!!!! Yay, for two recipes to add to our family favorites. (This and the dumpling recipe). Thanks for sharing.

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