Random Acts of Kindness – Day 2 and 3

ImageI missed posting about day 2 yesterday because I have become infected with the crud going around. Monday night, I was up till almost 2am with a sick boy, so Tues morning I decided I needed Starbucks after dropping the 1 out of 3 children in the house who was healthy.  While in line at Starbucks, I asked what the person behind me had ordered. A Venti coffee or something. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a RAK. Anonymous and simple. And, yes it did make me feel good to explain to my other children in the car all about doing kindness for other people. How it helps more than the other person, but it also helps us become better people.  

Today, Im sad to say, was another day at home, hoping to keep all of us well, the 1 healthy child came home early from daycare yesterday. 😦 So, my random act of kindness was keeping this brood from infecting yours.

Stay healthy my friends, stay healthy


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