Random Act of Kindness (Day 4)

ValentineToday was Random Act of Kindness (Day 4). According to the original post, today was a day to bring something sweet to treat your co-workers, a la Valentines Day. Well, the little man and I had a date with the pediatrician, so I sent a bag of cookies in with the older two, who had their Kindergarten Valentines Day party today. Granted the cookies had been made at Christmas time, by my mother, and then frozen, but that just means they were GOOD (notice the capital G?) 🙂

Currently, Im about to spoil my three little valentines with a movie and popcorn after a nice meal of Mac-n-Cheese. The movie is Cinderella and I can’t think of anything more appropriate. A girl who has worked hard enough, is good tempered enough to warrant the attention of a Fairy Godmother. Call me romantic, but in the modern world, I imagine the fairy godmother as a mentor who teaches her how to succeed in business and life in general.

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