Valentines Day

A while back, as I was standing outside the playgroup area waiting to pick up my oldest boys, my husband realized something. The kindergarden class had made signs on Mothers Day, saying what they loved most about their moms. ALL the boy names had something to do with food. I mean, every one! My mom makes the best…macaroni and cheese, Ice Cream sunday, grilled cheese, hot dogs etc.

Here it is, Valentines Day. Not an unusual day, it comes once a year – about this time of year. Ive never been a big fan. First in school, when those ridiculous candy (balloon, flower, fill-in-the-blank)-grams were purchased through your student organization under the guise of fundraising.  Those were horrible, horrible things invented by those who either had the money or the need to show off. Yes, the sound of my cynicsym and frequently dashed hopes that THIS year, I caught the eye of a guy who cared enough to send one. Later, I found it easier to sneer and turn up my nose than to appreciate when someone actually (finally) did make an effort. This was probably not well done of me.

ValentineLast year and this year, I did catch the eye of a guy, two in fact. And they were ever so kind as to make me a valentine. My boys. Last year they were prompted by my husband. This year, he is on the road working. And, while HIS valentine didn’t show up. My boys came home with THESE beauties from school. Thanks so much guys! They made me a valentine that appealed to the sappy, teary-eyed, love-whatever-you-do part of me.

My valentine to them is, Macaroni and Cheese. Their favorite food. So, I am saying ‘I Love You’ in a language I suspect they will understand the most – food. Hugs and Kisses are a daily routine, but Macaroni and Cheese, that’s pretty special.


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