Thaw meat FAST


Hey gang, sorry late posting button day job had me hopping.

Ever plan to take something out of the freezer to thaw, only to forget, or not have it thaw I’m the fridge in time to make the meal? I have, happens all the time in fact.

I learned that if I take frozen food and place it on an overturned, heavy bottomed pot, it defrosts faster. Turns out, metal is a great conductor of ambient heat. It warms things up, without cooking them like the microwave.

I don’t do this for things like: turkeys large roasts, or other large cuts of meat. I only do this for one hour, but one hour is all it usually takes.

Some safety tips:
* Always wash the pot the counter and anything that comes in contact with the condensation from the thaw.
* You should not keep the meat out too long in this method.
* Here is a link for some basic food safety guidelines:


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