Its a Party!

ImageAnother helpful hint Tuesday, and its for a party too! As you may or may not know, I am the mother of twin, 6 year old boys. These not-so-little bundles of joy definitely keep me on my toes! Between their antics, work and regular chore type things that have to be done, we are a very busy family. I am also a contributor to the 30 Second Mom group. This is a great group of women who have tips and ideas to help simplify your life. There is an iPhone and Droid app, so you can get your feed of helpful ideas and hints wherever you are in your day. These little nuggets of wisdom have been helpful to me and I am sure they will be to you too. 

Here is your helpful hint:

  1. Wednesdays at 6pm Pacific Time, follow the twitter hashtag #30SecondMom and follow along with this great group of women as I lead a discussion of all things TWINS!
  2. Register here: to win prizes during the chat
  3. Download the app! Continue the great discovery of all the useful ideas these wonderful women come up with! You won’t be sorry. 
  4. Enjoy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the extra 10 minutes a day you might gain from all the useful knowledge. 

They say it takes a village. Well, sometimes that village is virtual, but nonetheless it is a great village to be a part of. Join me! (#30SecondMom) (@TacomaLynette)


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