Diced Cooking Competition.

20121119-103502.jpgWhats for dinner Wednesday? Not that I’ve run out of ideas, but I found a better idea and wanted to share it with you. A blog I follow ‘Rantings of an Amateur Chef’ is a really neat ‘all things cooking blog’ has come up with a competition. A pre-defined list of ingredients and reader voting. I have entered and requested to be chosen in the contest. Perhaps you will too, or perhaps you would like to follow along and figure out what others are making. Entrants will be notified in March if they’ve been selected. I hope I’m selected, but if not, I’m definitely following the contest and will hopefully be inspired to create new and fun dishes!

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Calling all cooks:

I am announcing the first Ranting Chef cooking competition. In homage to, and in separation from a certain Food Network cooking show, I am announcing a call for entrants to a cooking competition: DICED! The competition works as follows:

  • Entrants  will be given a list of a few ingredients. With that they must create (or find) a recipe that contains and features those ingredients. They then must make the recipe, document it with a blog post, and take pictures of it. All writing and photography MUST be their own, even if they use a recipe they find elsewhere. Entrants will have a two week period from receiving the ingredient list to submit their post. I will post each blog on consecutive days
  • I will provide instructions to the readers of the blog to “like” the post as a vote. They will be asked to vote based on the…

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