Etiquette is Hard

ImageLast weekend we ate hot dogs. It was sunny, we had run out of leftovers and while rummaging around in my freezer, I came up with the emergency hot dogs. Hot dogs are always a favorite with the kids, bun or no-bun and ketchup or no-ketchup.

Since I was rummaging, we didn’t have any buns to put the hot dogs on. This changes the game for toppings and how to handle the dog. When placed in a bun, a hot dog is the ultimate finger food. Its right up there with pizza and fried chicken. Without a bun, its much more a fork and knife endevour involving dipping in the sauce of your choice: BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard (My personal fav).

Now, imagine explaining this to a couple of 6 year-olds who don’’re.saying. Yeah, that was a fun conversation, especially since they are boys and the finer points of their manners and etiquette includes having to remind them to say ‘excuse me’ when they burp (after giggling hilariously of course) and thinking its okay to wipe their butt on their brothers bath towel. (We do a lot of laundry.)

I explained. They don’t believe. They were excited, however, to use the ‘sharp’ butter knives to cut and maim the meat however. So, in the end, the talk was background noise to the lesson. Lesson: Burps are funny, Destroying things is funnier, and we have an endless supply of napkins.


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