Volunteering with Kids – the Beginning

Well, I did it. It has been a while since I found a volunteer listing that might be a good fit for my little family. With the husband on the road, tax season upon us (my professional ‘busy season’), I thought I would at least get the ball rolling. This way, as things start to slow down a bit (yeah, right!) I would be able to step right up.  I clicked on the link, sent my contact information, with a vital question: “Can I bring my kids along with me when I do chores?”  Im hoping they say ‘Yes’, because I can’t do this without the kids.

I can vacuum without my kids, it usually even makes it easier, but without back up to watch the kids, I am basically unavailable. Such is my life right now. Besides, maybe if they see the positive impact they have on another person performing acts of service, they won’t whine so much about their own chores at home! *.* <—See those stars in my eyes? In the hope they do say ‘yes’, I have also begun filling out the volunteer form. It is intense and requires 3 personal references as well as a background check. So far, Im impressed!

Wish us luck as we start this new adventure!


One thought on “Volunteering with Kids – the Beginning

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