Leave it on top, not on the floor

cordsWhen I was pregnant with my twins, I worked as an external auditor. This required some local day travel to client sites. It was especially difficult to crawl on the ground, under furniture to plug my laptop in. Any venue change, coming home or going to the office required more of the floor crawling to plug in a laptop that was constantly on the edge of dying from a low battery. So, I came up with a better plan. I put the surge protector on TOP of my desk, and trailed the plug in cord through the hole in the desk.

Voila! No more ducking and crawling on the ground. I plug in the surge protector once and never have to move it again – until I moved desks. This picture is a little messy because I am always changing up the cords that are plugged in. But, hidden behind a monitor, you can hardly tell.

Happy computing!


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