Thank Goodness Its Almost the Weekend

Thank goodness its almost Friday everyone! Does anyone else need extra sleep after all this Daylight Savings nonsense? I do! But in an effort to keep the kids amused, and maybe even give yourself a mini-break, try one of these events out!

Kids Night Out

Check out my page under “The Weekend is Almost Here” and find the Kids Night Out link, or click here:

Titlow Mud Run

Sign up for the Titlow Mud Run through Metro Parks next Saturday. Its full of mud, fun and obstacles. Its a perfect run for the family. Its only 2 miles in length and check in starts at 11am!

Point Defiance Beach Clean-up

Enjoy a day at the beach when its not that crowded. At the same time, join volunteers from Surfriders and CHIP in! to make a difference in the health and cleanliness of our beaches. Beach clean-ups are held on the third Saturday of every month.

Meet at Point Defiance Marina Complex, 5912 N. Waterfront Dr. 9am-12m

Tacoma Northwestern Model Railroad Club

This club is open on Saturdays 10am-2pm when not at a show. They use the basement of Tacoma’s Freighthouse Square and house a large display for model trains. The club shows this display all over the Northwest in various model railroad shows. When we visited, they were gracious and let the kids watch the trains to their hearts content. Word to the wise: bring well-behaved children. These club members are gracious they allow visitors to watch without charging a fee. Remind your children to always ask permission before touching trains, track or any part of the display. These trains are delicate models and would not survive if my 2 year old threw it across the room.

With that said, our experience was great. The last time we went, my boys got to ask questions of the club members, the baby just kept saying “train, train” and the olers were even given an opportunity to drive a train around the track once. It made their day.

Click Family Flick

The click family flick at The grand Theater is a great experience with some of the best popcorn in the south sound! Go and experience them at 10am Sat March 16th for Free

NW Family Expo

This is an Expo full of fun and services for the family. Wondering what school to enroll your child at next year, or where to find dental care or even what great play areas Tacoma has to offer? Then this is your place! $6 for adults and proceeds benefit our own Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital! March 16th from 9am-6pm


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