Green Bean Recipe

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia: The kids didn’t leave enough to take pictures of 🙂

I don’t post a lot about side dishes, I figure most people already have their favorites. But as I come across new favorites or get rave reviews for my own, I figure ‘Why not share the wealth of yumminess?’ I also thought it was a good fit for my last Tuesday Tip.

I learned this recipe from my mother, who learned how to cook from a lady who grew up in the south. I think you know where this is headed: Bacon. Yep, the secret to great beans is bacon and bacon grease. If you learned how to cook in the south, you do have a jar of bacon grease sitting in the fridge for such emergency dishes as cornbread or beans. Though we haven’t brought the baby around yet, my 6 year olds love this recipe. He is only two and prefers his peas frozen and broccoli raw.



1 large family sized Bag Frozen Cut Green Beans (My mom swears by home canned, but I never have those on hand)
2 Tbsp bacon grease OR six slices of raw bacon, cut into small chunks
1/4 C water

Take a large heavy bottomed sauce pan and put in Water. Turn temperature to med-high on the burner. Add frozen beans and the bacon OR reserved bacon grease. (Do not use both, it gets WAY too greasy). As the heat warms the beans, they release more water and the beans will steam/simmer until all the water is gone, but the beans are still moist. If you like softer veggies, add more water; if you like crisper beans, reduce the water.


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