Refresh Wilted Produce

photo (24)

The other week I caught my husband throwing out wilted produce as if it was bad. I was amazed he didn’t know this trick,  so now I am telling you. This trick works if your produce is only wilted, not if it is slimy or otherwise gross/inedible.

If you have produce that is heavy on water, like lettuce or celery and carrots you can bring them back to life with water.

Start with your produce that looks like this:


1 big bowl of water
4 C ice

Let produce sit in ice water in refrigerator for about 4 hours.

photo (25)







At the end of 4 hours your produce will no longer be wilted, but perky and ready to eat! This can save you money on your grocery bills and keep you eating healither. Win/Win!

photo (26)









3 thoughts on “Refresh Wilted Produce

    • Im glad you can use it! I find myself doing this all the time with lettuce or celery that hasn’t used up its useful life yet!

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