Trying Pilates


I have historically enjoyed aerobic activity from step to jazz aerobic classes at various gyms. As I searched for a gym to go to, I decided to try out a bunch of new types of classes. When I was younger, aka: skinnier, nothing was better than finishing a hot sweaty aerobics class. It felt like I was accomplishing amazing. Since I’ve had babies, postpartum depression, and gained a significant weight, I knew I couldn’t just jump right back in where I left off in exercise. I found Pilates. I also found out that for lack of jumping, running, there was plenty of sweat and plenty of hard work!

Pilates is using your body weight (of which I have significant amounts) against gravity, focusing on core strength. Essentially, it kicked my booty! The first class seemed relatively easy, except I felt like a beaches seal rolling around the class floor. It was the next day I felt the soreness. My muscles, which I hadn’t really used in a while, protested – a lot. I’ve been to quite a few now (about 6) at the gym I’ve selected. My schedule allows me to go once a week. It’s a good class and Im going to continue it.

If anyone else has found a class or style of exercise that has helped them fight the ever-expanding waistline, please share!

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One thought on “Trying Pilates

  1. I recently discovered Pilates and love it! So goodgood for the waistline. I haven’t been in a couple weeks because everybody in my house is sick and I can already feel things loosening. Must. Go. Back. Thanks for the reminder!

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