Can Openers are Great!

From Bed Bath and Beyond – click to purchase

I know, it seems like a lame post maybe. I mean, you probably got a can opener that sits on your counter top when you moved out of the house. How else were you going to open the cans of soup and cat/dog food? If you don’t already have a smooth edge can opener, get one. I have a hand crank opener and it works really, really, really well. All for a couple of extra dollars at the store.

Next time you open a can of soup with a traditional opener, you will realize it cuts the top of the can, leaving behind a sharp edge. A smooth edge can opener actually opens on the SIDE of the can! I know, right. Someone thought outside the box for this one! Let me tell you all the reasons I am such a fan:

  1. No more sharp edges = no more cut fingers! (I can be kind of a klutz)
  2. If you only use a 1/2 can of something, no need to scoop it into Tupperware, just place the lid back on!
  3. Cans made with pop-tops, like cream of mushroom soup cans, can cut the edges of your silicone spatulas when you scoop out the inside of the can.

See a video here:  [youtube=]

I use mine all the time, and I actually think it saves you a bit of money and time. Money for not replacing those chewed up silicone spatulas and on band-aids. Time for not having to wash little Tupperware containers of 1/2 consumed canned items.

One thought on “Can Openers are Great!

  1. This is not a lame post. It’s completely fantastic! I need a new can opener; I think I’ll look into getting one of these. I had never thought about it before.

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