Trying Turbo Kickboxing


I have tried many classes in my search for what works for me. Turbo Kickboxing was definitely one class I was interested in. Ive taken kickboxing before and loved it. Something about taking my aggression and anger of the day out on a big kicking bag. (Sorry, I don’t know the technical term) It was awesome and I felt so powerful and capable. I am woman – hear me grunt as I hit and kick the crap out of a bag! He he… I expected Turbo Kickboxing to be like that, only faster. I was both right and wrong.

Turbo kickboxing is fast, but there are no bags to hit. It’s a bit like the Billy Blanks/Tae Bo tapes mixed with a regular aerobics class, on speed. The teacher was really energetic, but as a newcomer the class was a bit fast. I was constantly playing catch up as the instructor in the class I was taking was not great about calling out the next step ahead of actually doing it. The gym offered a 15minute class before this one to teach ll the moves, I should have taken it. But that makes the class a 1hr 15min class, which is kind of long considering I was on my lunch hour and still had to shower before going back to work. But, had I planned earlier, or known how much it would have helped, I would have made time.

That is what Im doing for you, letting you know. Make the time to go to the tutorial class if you are a first timer to Turbo kickbox, even if you have taken kickbox classes before. That way you can focus on your form. I really think to get the most out of any exercise, you have to be intentional. Sure, you can run like Phoebe from friends if it makes you happy, but you will be more prone to accidentally hurting yourself and not maximizing your exercise. Exercise is not something I enjoy or want to spend a ton of time doing. Im busy with the rest of my life: work, family, home, friends etc. Only by working smartly and with proper form, can I maximize my benefit and prevent injuries that will keep me out of the gym.

Personally, I probably won’t go back. I prefer the bags, the hitting and the focus on good kickboxing form versus the aerobic jumping and kicking of turbo kickboxing. But, if you like those things, it might be good for you.


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