Whine No More: Is there a spray for that?

Recently, and I don’t know if it is because the kiddos are tired or if the moon is full or they haven’t eaten enough bran in their diet, but my kids have become excessively whiny. We have a full day, starting at 6am and ending about 7:30pm. I like to say my boys are typically 85% good, which is excellent really. (They are rough and tumble boys!)

But lately, Archie especially, has been excessively whiny. I tell him to put the forks on the table, because it is his job this week, and he up and tells me “No, I don’t want to do it”. I clarify and say it is a “tell”, not an “ask”. At that point, it’s puddle, meltdown city. So, I send him to his room, which he hates.

Is this a phase? Is this lashing out because he misses his dad who now travels for work? Is it because he is tired? Because we are ALL tired. Im tired from working long hours and trying to keep up with housework. He is tired from being a boy in school and daycare. Regardless, there is no excuse for trying to trip his friends at school or push them either. (Another problem we are working on.)

Im sure he doesn’t REALLY hate me. He MUST be saving that for his teen years, surely. I just wish they made a spray called “Whine No More”. If anyone needs a place to test a newly developed formula, please call or send a carrier pigeon. Either way, my sanity could use a spray bottle of that stuff.


3 thoughts on “Whine No More: Is there a spray for that?

  1. With my boys I’ve found a phase like this normally lasts about six weeks and is generally due to a growth spurt where they need more sleep and more T.L.C than normal. It can be very trying, indeed, especially if they both ‘grow’ at the same time!

  2. Sending calm and peaceful thoughts your way. The whine / “I don’t want to” thing is so annoying and hard to live with. If it helps at all, remember you’re definitely not alone!

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