Volunteering – The process has started

Volunteer MatchPreviously, I blogged about hoping to volunteer with Catholic Community Services. They received my email from the website I found and sent me an application packet in the mail. Within a week, I filled out the application and mailed it back to CCS. For those of you who know me – that timeline is a miracle and should show you how enthused I am for this project! (I still have cards hanging around, addressed to people that have been sitting on my desk at home, recently re-discovered that were meant to be mailed in 2012, early 2012.

But I digress. On the application, I accidentally gave the number for a very good friend of mine (they require 3 personal recommendations) in error and wrote my number down instead. When they called, (Squee they called!!) looking for my friend, I corrected the error and I asked if I could bring the kids along to do the chores that were assigned. They said they handled that on a case-by-case basis with the client. If their client said “No.”, it was a no-go. However, if they were open to the idea, then we could do it! Hooray.

So, now the wait begins. We wait to be approved, we wait for an assignment. We wait and we hope. 🙂


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