28,000 Troops in South Korea Need Our Support

All troops deserve support, whether in combat or not. Watching the news makes me think these service men and women are on high alert and can use our support in any way possible! Thank you, Thank you for all you do.!

Operation Gratitude Blog

A message from Operation Gratitude founder, Carolyn Blashek:

If you’re like me, you have been following the serious and alarming newsabout what has been going on in North Korea in recent weeks and what it all may mean for the28,000 U.S. Service Memberscurrently stationed in South Korea — and for their families at home.

US Troops South KoreaTo put it mildly, the situation is extremely tense.

As we begin our 2013 Patriotic Drive, our hearts and minds are focused on all U.S. troops who are serving our country — and the world — in dangerous places. Some, like
 those stationed in South Korea, are not officially “in combat,” but are serving a “Hardship Tour” away from home

We have reached out to the regional Commands to obtain the names of our troops in South Korea, and we are preparing to send care packages to all serving…

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