No More Smelly Garbage Disposal

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I put a lot of things down my garbage disposal I probably shouldn’t. Around the Pacific Northwest, there is a HUGE amount of people who advocate composting in an effort to reduce the waste going into landfills and waste water treatment plants. I am not yet one of those people. It is hard enough for me to keep up with work, a husband who is home 4 days a MONTH and 3 rugrats much less remember things like when to turn the compost and what to feed it.

Besides, I am sure I would kill any worms that decided to call my compost home. I can kill anything really, animal/vegetable/mineral. Before kids the most I could commit to was a cat, who was pretty self sustaining now that I think back on it. I thank God I love my kids or else I would forget to feed and water them like I do every plan Ive ever owned, and subsequently killed!)

So, yeah, I dump a lot of stuff down the garbage disposal which can cause it to smell. But, we also eat a TON of oranges. I use them in my smoothies as an after daycare snack for the boys and to make fresh blended juice on the weekend. I buy a case from Costco every 3 weeks or so. I’ve noticed when the garbage disposal starts smelling, I just stick a few orange peels down the drain. Blend and rinse. The natural oils in the peel and the roughness of the peel seem to wipe it all away. It lasts for a while too!

As a side note…

Things I’ve learned to NEVER put down the garbage disposal

  1. Celery, lots of celery strings can jam up your disposal
  2. Potato peels – large amounts of these turn gluey and jam up the disposal
  3. Rutabaga peels – see potato peels above
  4. Silverware – they don’t shred (usually accidental)
  5. Meat – it just freaks me out thinking about meat grinding and getting funky in my sink.

2 thoughts on “No More Smelly Garbage Disposal

    • Oooh, I love the smell of lemon, but I never seem to have it on hand. 😦 They always seem to go bad on me. Citrus always smells so clean doesn’t it?!

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