What I’ve Been Eating

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From my last Fitness Friday post, you have learned that I have been working out and *gasp* losing weight. Its not all fun and games and in fact I suspect my personal trainer might be just the right amount of sadistic in that he always makes the exercises we do harder and harder. Exercise is only 1/2 the battle however. I knew if I kept eating the way I was going (snacking late at night and too much ice cream) it wouldn’t matter HOW much I exercised, I wouldn’t see any results.

So, I reached out to a nutritionist through my health care plan. It took some finagling, especially since I needed a referral, but it was well worth it. I highly recommend seeing a nutritionist who can assist you in meal planning and portion size control. They can help you see what you might have been doing wrong and how to correct it. My weakness, late night snacking. After the kids were in bed, I would reward myself with something yummy either as I cleaned the kitchen, snacking on leftovers, or in my room watching a video. Neither activity was great for my waistline.

So my nutritionist helped me understand:

  1. Bacon is not a food group (bummer!)
  2. No eating after 6pm (this gets fudged a bit during the work week when we get home at 6pm.
  3. No eating within 3hrs of bedtime (This I make because I never get to bed on time anyway)
  4. Higher protein/lower carb is best thing for me to have higher energy and grow muscle, which will in turn burn more calories. (My personal goals are 15% healthy fat/ 55% lean protein/30% carb. Yours might be different)
  5. Whole foods: stay away from processed or white sugar as well as things like high fructose corn syrup.


On any given work day:

  • Green Smoothie or Scrambled Eggs
  • Yogurt for snack (a surprising source of high fructose corn syrup!)
  • Salad for lunch (spinach, carrots, turkey, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, vinegrette)
  • Apple with peanut butter for snack
  • Baked Poultry with pasta sauce, steamed or roasted veggies and brown rice

There are some variations in that some mornings, usually once a week I cave to the temptation of bacon or even a waffle on the weekend when Im cooking for the kids. But I keep it to one and add some eggs on the side. I also will eat a hot dog from time to time, especially when I go to Costco because they are so GOOD! Nothing is set in stone, this is life. But, if something is off from this plan, I jump back on as soon as I can. I heard a speaker one time comment: “I’m not fat because I eat bad things. I’m fat because it takes me 3 years to get back to eating right.” Its taken me about 6 years or so, but I’m back on that train and am focused more than ever about making this a lifestyle choice. And, just today, I ran across this grocery shopping list on a blog I absolutely adore, pfitblog.com. This blog is about fitness, nutrition and is so motivational. I can’t recommend following her enough. Or try the JFoYoHealth.com blog. She is a fellow 30 Second Mom contributor and always has great tips and ideas!


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