Fitness Friday: The Contest

Im not a fitness star by any means, but Im making progress. Click for orig webpage

I am on a mission. That mission, according to my New Years Goals, was to live healthier and eventually beat my oldest son, age 6 in a foot race. I’m not much faster, yet. But, I did join a gym and have been working out regularly, sometimes even with a personal trainer! In March, my gym started a contest. Much like “The Biggest Loser”, except it measures your body fat. If you place in the first, second, third place you get these prizes:

  1. 20 personal training sessions
  2. $500 to spend in their on site spa (I could use a massage or two!)
  3. 1 year membership.

I like a challenge and I like it when I have clear goals. I consulted with my personal trainer who assured me I had a shot. I took his consult with a grain of sand, because I am sure if he had a client who actually won, he would get some sort of paid kicker out of the deal. But, my competitive nature kicked in and off we went. I entered the contest! The contest lasts until next week.

I don’t know how much body fat I have lost, but I do know that I have seen results. These last two weeks have been pretty difficult staying on track with my eating, especially with some added home-stressors. I indulged in wine last weekend and ate a piece of chocolate. (Okay, two – but they were really , really small, so I say it counts as 1.) Now, as I push towards the finish line of this contest, I am ramping up the intensity. Im going to try and squeeze a workout in this weekend and go every day next week. Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: The Contest

    • Thank you! I would be equally happy with winning any prize as they are all pretty great! If course in kinda hoping for #2, so difficult to buy that kind of stuff or yourself, much less schedule the time!

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