It was only 1 pencil, not 100

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Last week Sean was on Red at school. In his kindergarten, they have a series of cards they pull for inappropriate behavior. Rainbow is a perfect day, we have some of those. Green means they pulled 1 card, we have more of these. Yellow & Orange are even more warnings and finally – Red. Red is the big bad.

Apparently Archie did something to make Sean mad. So Sean decided to poke him in the back with his pencil. It was a sharp pencil and when you use it in a stabbing like motion, the teacher, and the brother, get upset. When I confronted Sean about what he did, trying to explain why its not a good idea to stab your brother. His response:

“It was only 1 pencil, not like it was 100.” I could HEAR the eye roll.

Only 2 more months and we are in summer break. And, next year, we are going to be able to separate them into different classrooms. I can’t wait!


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