Connected Kitchen Scale From Chef Sleeve Tracks Your Nutrition Bite-By-Bite

Image from TechCrunch: Click for orig article

This really makes my inner geek sit up and applaud for my inner foodie. Would you buy something like this? Im going to need more details though, like how much can the scale go up to? If I am able to make a big dinner for my family of 5, then this is even more doable vs. on a plate by plate basis. More research necessary, but could be O So Wonderful!


Chef Sleeve has been selling its iPad-protecting plastic sleeves since 2011 to keep kitchen gunk off the iPad you’re using while you cook. They also make a dishwasher-safe, non-porous chopping board with a built in iPad stand (below right), and a smaller stand in the same recycled paper composite finish. But Chef Sleeve’s grand plan is to create a range of connected devices for the kitchen that link up with an iPad app to let people track their nutrition in a highly granular, yet low hassle, way.

To that end it’s just kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for its next product: a smart Bluetooth scale, which it’s calling Smart Food Scales, that will enable people to weigh ingredients and snacks and then determine the exact amount of fat, salt, sugar, vitamins and so on in the ingredients they’re using in recipes or the snacks they’re eating at home.chef1

“This is…

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