My Loved Ones

After I got home, time in the parkI was a little MIA this last week. Work sent me out of town for most of the week to the eastern seaboard. If you follow my Facebook page or Twitter handle, you know where I was. The trip was great, but I realized something important. It only took me 3 days to really miss my kids. I even missed my husband, though we was able to join me for a bit.

Most of you know my husband travels for work and is gone most of the month. So, things get pretty hectic and stressful with just me juggling a job and the three kids. Well, his job let him travel to the same location while I was back east and we had some nice, quiet couple time. We held hands, went for walks etc. (eye waggle) And, it was nice. I mean really nice, like before we were married and had kids nice. But then he had to leave. That was bummer. I had to work anyway, so it was good to concentrate on that, but still – I missed him when he left for his own trip. But what brought it all home was fish.

Not the fish that you eat, but an aquarium. Close to where I was staying was a really nice aquarium. It was new, had none of the traditional musty smell I associate with leaky aquarium tanks and had some amazing features. We are a water loving family and have always enjoyed aquariums. My husband actually used to be the scuba guy cleaning the tank during college. I enjoyed my tour and the time I spent between the end of my meetings and my flight at the aquarium, but I was more than a little melancholy that I couldn’t share it with all four of my boys (this includes the husband). I knew they would have been so much more enthusiastic about it. I would have enjoyed their giddy excitement as they walked through the underground tunnel. I guess that means I actually do love the buggers, even when they pee all over the toilet seat.


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