How to: Water Balloons

Image from Wikipedia – Click for link

Okay – so we had record sunshine in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Sun and 80 degrees before July is practically unheard of.  So, what did we do? We played in it of course! We managed to find some left over dollar store balloons while cleaning and my mom had the great idea to make them into water balloons. Yeah. That wasn’t as easy as it looks. These were regular balloons, not special balloons, and I couldn’t get the darn openings over the spigot of the sink.

Running them under the tap at full force didn’t work to get the balloon past its ‘Point of No Return’. Anyone who blows up a balloon knows that point, where your breath gets it to a certain point, then you have to blow just hard enough to get the balloon to expand. What to do?

I got the Turkey Baster. Yep. Make sure you can squeeze it with one hand and the tip is inside a partially blown up balloon and that’s all she wrote. The water will enter the balloon and displace some of the air. Beware, the balloon will be trying to force out the air AND the water, so make sure to tilt the turkey baster to the side to let air escape the balloon like sealing Tupperware. Fill the balloon to desired tension with water, tie off and set aside (gently).

When everyone has their balloons ready: ready, set, GO!


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