Chinese Buffet Disaster and Recipe for Fried Rice

I love my boys, but they need culture. We live in the great Pacific Northwest and that means we have access to a wide variety of food genres. In an effort to expose their mac-n-cheese loving pallets beyond the typical ‘kid friendly fare’, my husband and I decided to hit up a Chinese buffet. It was an unmitigated disaster, even if the kids did complement me.

We walked around the trays and found items of interest, but it was mostly ‘yucky’ until we reached the table with the cheese pizza and french fries. Maybe this stuff is out there because the owner anticipates children like mine, who have a difficulty getting that first ‘just TRY it’ bite down. But, that is about all they wanted to eat. Honestly though, I couldn’t really blame them. The food at this particular establishment was pretty horrible. I could barely eat anything. Perhaps if I want to win them over to yummy Asian food, I need to find a place that actually serves YUMMY Asian food. It was a new place, and it bombed. So, they ate pizza and I tried to find anything that was worth eating that wasn’t fried. I went home and ate a piece of peanut butter toast.

But as we left, Archie said to me “Mommy, your rice is better.” What a sweetie! (I am training him well for his future spouse!) So, here is my very white-girl version of fried rice. To all my Asian friends, I apologize for probably making this horribly, but my kids eat it. I like it because it contains some sort of vegetable and is a quick one-pot meal to use up random leftovers.  In fact, click on the picture below to a recipe I found here on WordPress that contains many other ingredients like shrimp. Be creative, throw in what you think will taste good and have fun!

Picture from Ohashi Method – click for recipe

Fried Rice

4C cooked short grain brown rice
6 Eggs
4C Chopped cooked protein (Chicken, Pork (Ham), Turkey etc.)
1 bunch Scallions (Green onions)
2C peas or finely chopped broccoli, cooked
6Tbs Sesame oil
1Tbsp Olive oil
pinch of pepper
Soy Sauce

Heat large dutch oven on the stove over med-high heat. Whisk eggs and pepper in bowl, set aside. When pan is hot, use the Olive Oil to hard scramble the eggs, set aside. Put chopped protein in the pot and brown off any excess fat (In case you are using ham or other slightly fatty meat). Bring pan to heat again and add the sesame oil with the meat and crumble the rice on top of the meat. Toss to coat the rice in the Sesame Oil. Let sit, while the bottom of the rice browns and toasts. Toss the rice 3 times and keep browning between tosses. Add Scallions, Peas or Broccoli, stir to incorporate. Add Soy Sauce to taste.

**You can also use broccolini n this, whole, but cook it first. My kids have a hard time cutting the broccolini in pieces to chew, so we just use frozen chopped broccoli (I hate eating peas, so I serve more broccoli.)


3 thoughts on “Chinese Buffet Disaster and Recipe for Fried Rice

  1. Thanks for the recipe! The fried rice doesn’t sound *too* difficult to make (for some reason, rice never turns out well for me, even though I can cook other items!). It’s tough getting kids to try new foods. My girls are a quarter South Asian (with the red hair, it’s hard to tell!), and it saddens me a little when they tell me that my food is too spicy for them. So far, my youngest eats just about anything, even spicy food, while my older two prefer mac and cheese and pizza (and carrots and avocados).

    • I couldn’t live without my rice cooker! Lets me dump ingredients and go. The newer ones also have a ‘warm’ setting so you can keep rice warm after its done. Mine is a holdover from my childhood, mom got new what I took this to college, lol! Hopefully our littles will grow into more complex tastes as they get older.

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