Mothers Day Contest

Image from 30SecondMom website: click for blog post

This weekend is Mothers Day. If you are lucky enough to have little boys or even a big one, who still adore you, lets hope you are in for a treat! Make the kids load the dishwasher, and relax with a glass of wine or tea or whatever floats your boat. I took a quick straw poll and found it interesting that moms of younger children either want more sleep (no surprise) or quality time to themselves, sans children. Mothers of older children can’t wait to spend as much time as possible with their offspring. The way I figure it, they spend 18 or so years wearing us down and acclimating us to their noisy, smelly and scratching presence that by the time they actually leave the nest, we miss the chaos. (Not enough to let them move back in, but we still miss it.)

In honor of Mothers Day, enter the 30SecondMom contest here and win a $50 gift card and a really snazzy tote bag. The post needs to be 600 characters in length and talk about: 1) Your No. 1 favorite thing about being a mom, or 2) What was that moment when you truly felt like a mom, or 3) What is your favorite childhood memory of your own mom? You can submit a 30Second Mom “tip” under each of those three topics if you like, or two, or just the one you like best. The goal is to fill our audience with good mommy mojo all week long!

Join the best social media mom group around and learn lots of ways to tackle the every day problems we run into as moms by signing up!

As soon as my post on the 30SecondMom site is up, I will update this with the link…


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