Tom Sawyer Auditions and Mothers Day

Remember this Sunday is Mothers Day, plan ahead for something fun!

If watching your kid perform is your idea of a great time, and you live in Tacoma, consider registering or applying your child to one of the following two organizations:

Both organizations currently have openings for children as young as 5 to join. In fact, this weekend the Tacoma Youth Theater is having a casting call for its production of THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER. Tuition is $300 or pay as you can.

Auditions May 11th

2-2:45 for ages 5-7 (even non-readers)
3-4:30 for ages 8+

Mothers Day

My friend Megan from Sounds Fun Mom has a whole list of Mothers Day activities for you here.

Remember, for any brunch or tea to call ahead and ask about reservations. You don’t want to be sitting, hoping for a table with a crowd of hungry kids. The will mutiny and threaten to eat the very parent you are trying to celebrate.

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