Fitness Contest – The Results

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A few weeks ago I posted about a fitness contest I was part of. 2 months to lose as much weight as I could and the person with the biggest percentage of body fat loss could win a spectacular prize.

***drum roll please***

I lost 1.93% body fat. Unfortunately that did not earn me a place in the contest. It seems like a pretty small number, but a lot of work went into that number. I did weigh in after I attended a conference, that had quite a few free carbs at lunches and happy hours. But, yes, I worked hard the last few months. The last 2 weeks were the hardest. I really, really wanted to eat chocolate and pizza and drink wine.

So, while I didn’t place, I was pretty okay with my results. Now for my next goal: 3 weeks and  5lbs. I hope I can make it.


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