Mothers Day


Mothers Day has come and gone and I realize it is an over-rated holiday. I enjoyed my time, but there wasn’t anything special about the day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the time I spent at church. Small group was amazing and the sermon was equally as good. My husband actually managed to be home on Sunday, which was also good. The kids were cranky from a late Sat night at a friends’ birthday party. I took my mom out for a very delicious lunch.

Why is this day any different in a monthly cadence? I should be able to give my mom a hug and take her out for lunch once in a while both with and without the kids. I should be able to spend quality time with my kids and my friends on a regular basis. Maybe Im disillusioned, but really I should have this type of weekend more than once per year.

I guess regular life got in the way of an actual celebration. Or, maybe Im smarting about the fact that such mundane things are now considered a celebration in my life. Is this just the life of a mom with youngsters or do I just want too much out of my life? Im grateful my kids are healthy and can run and play with my friends kids’ at a birthday party. Im grateful my husband was actually home for 1 1/2 days this month, and we got to spend some quality time as a family together. These are good things. These are very good things, I just wish they were more than occasional things.


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