Rule #2: Don’t Wake the Sleeping Baby

Little Man – Asleep

Yesterday was a full day. Church in the morning, lunch out, grocery shopping etc. With gas prices so ridiculously high these days, I try and pack all my driving around in as few days as possible. The kids love a chance to eat out and I love a chance not to have to clean! Days like this also mean the toddler doesn’t always get a nap.

Two ways this usually goes down. 1) He falls asleep on the way home, only about an hour late from his normal nap time and all is right with the world. 2) He stays up and is a crabby butt.

Yesterday, I had an extra errand to run, and we were later than usual. Wouldn’t you know it, the little guy fell asleep at 4:50 in the afternoon. My heart was torn. Do I get him up and put up with his crabby butt till bedtime, or put him to sleep in his room and pray he doesn’t get up at 4am?

I remembered Rule #2 from my youth or TBK (Time Before Kids) and decided to put him to bed, fully clothed. I also enjoyed the silence after the older kids were in bed, and got some much needed work done. He was still asleep when I got up for work this morning at 5:30. Im glad it worked out, because it could have been a completely different story!


4 thoughts on “Rule #2: Don’t Wake the Sleeping Baby

    • He is super cute when sleeping! I was just super glad I didn’t have a 4am wake up! That strange spot between go to bed too early and power through is tough!

  1. People laugh when I have this problem, because they do no realize it can be a BIG problem! I usually put my son to bed and enjoy the quiet time, but regret sets in at 4:30am.

    • That heart wrenching, soul sinking feeling of ‘Do I wake him or let him sleep?’ its like playing a high stakes poker game!

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