Bacon Delivered

I love bacon. You love bacon. We all love bacon…Hey! Its almost a song. I have found a way to get great bacon, for cheap and delivered. Not to your door, but to your neighborhood at any rate. I have written posts about Zaycon before. They have a great deal for Chicken Breasts. Now, they are offering and I have ordered their bacon as well! Bacon is not something that I eat every day, even if I want to. But I do like to add bacon in my Broccoli Salad, soups or as a side with breakfast. I still try to eat healthy and work out, update on my Fitness Friday this week. But, sometimes, a little bacon goes a long way. Stay tuned for more bacon recipes or check out this blog: 365 Days of Bacon, its delish!

If you click on this link to Zaycon, you can register to order bacon for only $3.49/lb. That is less than what I find at the grocery store. I am a deal finder, a hound if you will for decently priced meat, and bacon seems to be the one to break my self imposed per-pound limits. So yummy and a great treat once in a while. Here is an excerpt from their site to tell you more:

  • High quality, medium-cut hickory smoked sliced bacon (14-18 slices per pound)
  • Order includes 12 X 3 lb packages per case (Total order size is 36 lbs)
  • Bacon is fresh, but frozen for your convenience
  • Premium, high-quality and consistent, this hickory-smoked bacon has a wonderful flavor and represents a great value for families
  • Easy to share with a friend if you do not think you can use the entire case. Our new smaller 3 lb packages make it even easier to split up with friends and family.


**full disclosure: By clicking on the Zaycon link above and here, I do receive a referral for the company. But seriously it’s GREAT!


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