It’s Official – The Chore Brigade

Rosie the Riveter courtesy of City Guide NY: Click for link

Its official. I have gone through the training and have contacted my assigned person. I am now officially a member of the Catholic Community Services Chore Brigade. I am not catholic, and I am not sure if the client is either. But, I do consider myself a Christian and am starting a few journeys in my life in fitness and faith.  Over the past year Ive been trying to find ways to include my children in giving back. I think it is important to volunteer. I didn’t do much of it when I was younger, and only did a small amount in college. But when I did volunteer, it always made me feel good. It is a great way to get out of the house (without shopping) meet new people and generally realize that I basically have a pretty great life, even if parts of it drive me nuts!

I can bring the children, it is only 2 hours every other week or twice a month; my volunteer services will include: cleaning someone’s bathroom, mopping floors and cleaning the kitchen. All of these are chores I HATE at home. But, four hours of my life and my kids lives is a small price to pay for doing something so great! I haven’t seen the house yet, or met the lady in person, so I will keep you posted on that. Who knows, it might be a scene out of hoarders or something really terrible. If that is the case, we might be singing a different tune next month. But for now, Im pumped!


One thought on “It’s Official – The Chore Brigade

  1. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I think we first connected when you applied for this role – seems like quite a long process to get on board. Hope it is worth the wait!

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