{FSC Book Club} …Round 4 BEGINS!

It’s Whats to Eat Wednesday and my kids are gone, so my cooking has been a bit pedestrian lately. So Im sharing this great post I found yesterday. With people building great gardens and going to the farmers market, I thought this was a great fit; a book filled with home canning ideas! Some of the best food Ive ever eaten has been my moms home canned food. It is time intensive, but so great to be able to feed your families healthy food where you know ALL the ingredients and can pronounce them too. I need to focus on studying for my test in September while the kiddos are away. I don’t already have the jars or other supplies for canning, and can’t really afford to buy them this summer. So, I won’t be following along except vicariously through the website. But if you do have the supplies and the time, I highly recommend participating in this book club. I looks like fun!

from scratch club

FSC book club

We read, we cook, we chat.
That is the FSC Book Club.

Round 4 of the FSC Book Club has begun! We  are reading and and cooking our way through Put ‘Em Up Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook. Creative Ways to Put ‘em Up and Use ‘em Up by the incredible Sherri Brooks Vinton. It’s a gorgeous book filled with great recipes for preserving and using up all of the delicious fruit you can think of. Learn more about the book at our announcement post.

fsc book club put em up fruit

Here’s how this round will work:

Sherri has already divided the book up beautifully by fruit. For FSC Book Club, we attempted to line up fruits with their growing season, at least for the growing season here at FSC headquarters in upstate/Eastern NY. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Most of us in the northeast probably aren’t growing our own grapefruit…

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