Quiet Weekend


The kids have gone to Grandmas and Grandpas house for about 6 weeks this summer. Life on the farm, where Grandma lives, is full of goats, chickens, bunnies, a garden and lots and lots of dirt for digging. Its heaven for the boys and quiet for momma.

I never realized how much noise the kids bring to the house. Between fighting, grunting, and crashing trains, planes and automobiles around the house, the house is never quiet. Even during mealtimes, its noisy and rowdy. My kids have been gone for a week and the first couple of days were nirvana. Absolutely blissful. No lunches but my own to make, no bedtime schedules to keep, no potty training, no noise.

Now, Im over it. I miss my babies. I miss the noise, and I miss the mess. I miss their little faces as they light up with I pick them up from daycare and I miss my sweet hugs and kisses. Im writing this now because I am sure after 3 weeks of their returning, I will forget this. I will forget this quiet and how lonely it feels. Maybe one day when they grow up I will read this to them. They are the best boys and I miss them.


One thought on “Quiet Weekend

  1. I often think how great it would be to have an extended break from my kids, but I know that I would miss the buggers (after the requisite glory days!) It’s great that you wrote this down, because undoubtedly you will be praying for silence in a matter of days after their return. Enjoy a quiet meal for me!

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