Fresh French Fries – guranteed

Picture courtesy of Serious Eats. Click for article comparing french fries at major fast food retailers

I don’t know about you, but the summer time months make it so easy to swing through a fast food restaurant once in awhile. On a road trip, avoiding a hot stove on a hot day, busy with play dates and summer camps etc. But one thing that can make or break your fast food experience is old/cold fries.

Im sure the restaurant has a metric for the amount of food they have to throw out at the end of the day because it sat under a warmer for too long. (Appetizing, I know.) So, they have a reason for giving you those cold/old fries. To make sure you get fresh fries, order them this way *without salt*. Since fast food companies salt their fries as soon as they take them out of the fryer, ask for the fries without salt. They will have to make a fresh batch.


  • This takes longer, so be patient
  • Do this in the lobby, not the drive through. If you are standing in front of them, its easier to see them fry the fresh batch
  • Be nice. This is a special order and they deserve at least a smile and thank you for accommodating you.

3 thoughts on “Fresh French Fries – guranteed

    • Yeah, that’s might be a bit much but necessary if they don’t put the salt out with the other condiments.

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