10 Ways to Fight the Summertime Blues

Picture courtesy of Metro Parks – click for link to summer programs!

Otherwise known as “Mooom, I’m booored.” If your kids are at home and not safely ensconced at Grandmas as mine are, you have heard this expression at least once. You don’t need to be the next Martha Stewart to keep your kids entertained, there are several options around your town to help out.

Summertime Activities to Keep Away Boredom

  1. Do chores: Have the kids help you with your own summertime projects. You will both learn something. The kids will have fun painting/ nailing/ spackling / washing the car. You will have fun learning that paint does not come out of clean t-shirts or spraying them with the hose. Besides, its good to have them realize what it takes to keep everything running in tip top shape.
  2. Go outside: Go to your neighborhood park, spray park, city zoo or aquarium, nature walk or scavenger hunt. Play I-Spy with all things nature. Run the energy right out of them, so the next time they will think twice about whining.
  3. Lay down in the shade of a tree and watch clouds go by. Make up stories about the different shapes you see. Then reach over and start a tickle fight. Completely unexpected and full of fun if they can’t catch you.
  4. Find your nearest craft store(s). Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns all have great kid craft classes or kits and some of them can be pretty inexpensive if you watch for the coupons in the Sunday mailer.
  5. Check out the local Parks Department and Library. Locally, our Metro Parks department and Tacoma Library system have a wonderful assortment of summer camps, outings and day drop-in services. Some community centers have classes like cooking class, lego camp and more.
  6. Volunteer. A very good blogger friend of mine The Do Gooder Mama always has wonderful ideas about how to help around your community. Our family has just started volunteering through Catholic Community Services to help a lady do chores at her house.
  7. Do a 5K. In Seattle, rainy weather shouldn’t hold you inside, or else you might never breathe fresh air. The nice weather in the summer is a boon. There are dozens of 5K runs in your area. Have the kids join in and do a stroller walk if they are too young for the full 5K. (BTW: my 5year olds did a 5K walk last year, so it’s totally possible!)
  8. Take a small trip. You don’t have to fly to Mexico or Hawaii to have a great family vacation. Go camping (again exploring nature is AWESOME) or go to the beach for the day. Get started early and wait for them to CRASH on the way back. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen, shovels, buckets and towels.
  9. Stay-cation: set up the tent in the backyard. Use your BBQ outside or your firepit and roast marshmallows, hot dogs all with the convenience of a running toilet. (My most important thing about camping really)
  10. Go see a play or movie. Many places have movies in the park throughout the summer. Around here it can be a little late because darkness doesn’t fall until after 9pm. But, this is such a great experience that once in a while, it is worth the crankiness and the nap the next day.

There you have it 10 awesome things to do to fight the summertime blues.


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