My Last Hurrah

I have pretty much wasted my summer. None of the things I wanted to accomplish I actually got done, except this one…

I actually I went on a girls weekend.

With the kids away, it was the first girls weekend I’ve been on since the twins were born, 6 years ago.

My very good friend Laurie found that Harry Connick Jr was going to be in Vancouver BC for a concert and you could get tickets for a meet and greet. Well, color us there!

We have both been fans of his for too long (at least since high school for me- and Im not telling you how long ago that was!) I’ve seen most of his movies and have a whole channel dedicated to him on iHeartRadio.

Seeing him live was spectacular! He is so talented, and has such a great rapport with his band members. I think everyone had a solo. The feeling was one of a jam session, of getting together with really great friends who appreciate music in a variety of forms. They were all so enthusiastic and into the music you could literally feel it moving through the room.

Harry Connick Jr. played the piano, the trumpet and drums. Once we even played drums with his feet while playing the piano! Such talent is amazing to watch, and is so awe inspiring.

DSC_4271At the meet and greet, he was smiling and gracious. I cant wait for the pictures to come back. (they wouldn’t let us take our own photographs- Ill post them when I get them) I got to shake his hand and tell him that I thought the concert was amazing. I just hope my eyes didn’t do the funny squint thing that they do when I get extra excited.

The only drawback to the show was that during the show, when Harry Connick Jr was talking to the people of Vancouver and comparing that nights show to the precious nights show at Chateau St Michelle Winery (no meet and greet) he said everyone was buzzed on wine and overly enthusiastic. Considering the winery is actually closer to my hometown, that felt kind of bad, as if he was dissin my peeps.

All in all though, the experience was amazing, the music was phenomenal and the atmosphere was electric. I would rate this one of the BEST concert experiences I’ve ever had. I definitely recommend you see Harry Connick Jr in concert!


5 thoughts on “My Last Hurrah

  1. How fun! Love Harry…who doesn’t? And the picture turned out great!! This is my first time at your site and I was so happy to read that you have twins! I have 4 year-old identical twin boys and they are a handful! I’m always excited to *meet* another twin mom:-)

    • Thanks for the compliment and the visit. Yeah the twins are definitely a life changing experience. When people always said ‘Ooh, double trouble!’ I walkways responded, ‘Nope, double the fun!’ I’ve recently taken up running so I can’t wait to read more from your site. 🙂

  2. Hi, I just found your blog when searching about Harry Connick Jr. meet and greets. He is coming to my hometown soon and I am dying to go. I was wondering how much the cost was for the meet and greet? They haven’t released that info here yet. Thanks!

    • My friend who I went with actually paid, but I think it just required buying the premium seats, the whole ticket price was about $100-150 maybe?

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