Open Letter to a Teacher – Sean


In a prior post, I wrote a letter to Archie’s teacher. This is the letter to Sean’s teacher. In an effort to increase the appearance of their individuality, I am writing two letters, not just one letter for both children.

Dear Teacher

Sean Patterson is in your classroom this year. He is a bright boy and so kind. He is generous in spirit and loves to please. His desire to please will lead him to frustration. If he thinks a project isn’t going well, or if he thinks he is disappointing you, he will not do his work. Please remind him that his work doesn’t need to be perfect.

He is a good big brother to the youngest in the family and a great helper when asked. But he tends to take too much on himself. He helps others, including Archie, so much that others depend on him. Please keep an eye on this. Others, including his brothers, can take advantage of his peacekeeping tendencies and take too much upon himself.

To encourage Sean, he loves words of encouragement, atta boys. When he is tired or hungry, as with most growing boys, he can get a little over the top and fussy. Quiet time for him is the best option. He simply can’t process anything while in this state. After he quiets down, he is ready to have a conversation. If he can understand the ‘Why’, you’ve got him, hook, line and sinker.

Also, when a big event is coming up, like the fall or spring recital, it’s important to keep calm and limit the sweets. He tends to build up in his head and go slightly spastic, in a little-boy-misbehaving kind of way. He gets nervous and will take it out on whoever is handy, most likely his brother. Once the stress or excitement is gone, he is back to his old self. He actually had to miss last years spring recital because of this.

Sean is a good boy and his first reaction is ‘Why’. You might have to connect some of the dots, or explain what things are functionally good for, but once he has that concept, he is raring to go. Sean gives the best hugs because likes to show his affection for those he cares about.


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