An Au Pair Experience


Kids at the fair with the AuPair, day after she arrived! What a trooper!

Have I mentioned that my kids went to a ghetto daycare? I’ve had troubles with them not making sure kids were buckled before taking off to the next pick up point, letting the kids, even the 2year old, watch a PG13 film in the morning before school started. Why would I. Booze such a daycare? The location was close to the house, they transported the kids to school, and they we’re open when I needed them to be open.

Then, a friend turned me on to the possibility of an Au Pair. The Au Pair lives in the home, gets the kids ready for school, watches the little one all day, fixes lunches and feeds them dinner, throwing a load of laundry in along the way. Seems like the perfect set up. There are a few rules. The Au Pair cannot work more than 45hrs per week and not more than 10hrs in any one day.

AuPair MYTH: It’s too expensive
Our current schedule at the daycare was not sustainable. We were all tired, cranky and stressed out! This was the solution, but I assumed it was too expensive. It wasn’t. The cost of an Au Pair is set, not based on number of children. So, for the same cost I was paying for full time ghetto daycare, I could have someone live-in and our lives would be SO much easier! I was sold!

There are some ancillary costs, like car insurance because she drives the kids to school and the cost of feeding and housing another person, e.g. water, electric etc. But the cost of those things are negligible to my family’s peace of mind.

We went with Cultural Care, chose a French speaking Au Pair (the older boys take French in school) and waited 6 weeks for her to arrive. She arrived last Friday and the adventure has begun! Stay tuned for more on our adventure, how we merge our lives with this new person and how the AuPair experience is for us.

***If you would like a referral, please let me know as I could receive e a small credit for anyone who decides to use their services. Or, keep reading before making that decision.


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