Funny Around the House


The in-laws showed up yesterday. The hubs is about to go traveling again and they hadn’t visited for over a year, so it was a good time. When I showed up at the house, the kids were showing grandpa how they have learned to scooter and bounce on the trampoline in the garage. (It was raining, not a shocker in Western Washington.) As they migrated into the house, I heard my father-in-law say this:

“I forgot how much patience it takes to be a father”

This, I thought was hilarious. As someone who is immersed in their chatter ad frequent “Mommy, mommy, mommy…” every day, I am mostly immune to it. The baby Toddler is now asking “Why…Why…Why”.

At the end of a book the other night, I ended with “The end”. Oliver said “Why the end?” I replied “We ran out of pages.” Oliver: “Oh, okay.”

So, for someone who isn’t immersed in the nutty level of chaos that I live in, the statement my father in law made sense. Funny, but it makes sense.


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