The Older We Get

Birthday Candles courtesy of BHMPics. Click for link.

Today is my birthday. My 36th birthday. I was almost 35 again this year, until a very dear friend reminded me that I was older than she was… and she is turning 36 this year. That was nice of her, sort of. You see, I am the type of person who has a clock in every room in an effort to try and be on time. (I make it about 50% of the time.) I have a plan A, a plan B and sometimes even a backup plan after that. 

I have realized something over the last 6 years, and have tried to live my life by this philosophy:

Women are like a fine wine, we only get better as we age… until we get old enough to turn to vinegar. 

I haven’t reached the vinegar stage, no matter what my kids tell you. But, I have reached the stage, thanks mostly to my husband, to try and be a bit more flexible with plans. So what if I might not be done with babies by the time I’m 35? So what if my career isn’t exactly where I wanted it at this point. I’m ONLY 37! I have continued a great journey with the help of some wonderful ladies to become healthier, and I’m trying to be a more available mom to my kids. I’m trying to do more homework, reading and after school activities with them especially now that the husband will be travelling for longer periods of time. Come this time next year, I won’t have ‘made it’, but made progress. It is a journey after-all. 

4 thoughts on “The Older We Get

  1. Happy birthday! I hope it’s a great one! I share your attitude about aging, or at least I try to have this attitude. I’ll admit there are times I can’t believe I’m not 24 anymore, but most of the time, I love where I am with life. I’m looking forward to what comes next. 🙂

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