Building A Network

FriendshipI haven’t written on the blog for several months. We have entered a brave new world of AuPair. What that means is I have a live-in nanny to help with the kids and some light housework. I anticipated this would make my life soooo much easier, and in a sense it has. But it has also added another level of complexity. When my husband was travelling and it was just me taking care of the kids – I knew the routines and the schedule. It was all in my brain. But, now that both the husband is home a lot more and the AuPair is shuttling the kids back and forth, the amount of coordination to get people where they need to be at the right time is ‘epic’ as my boys would say.

Adding another person to the house adds another layer of complexity. A bit like having a baby really, without the 3am feedings. She has plans, so which car should she drive? We are having people over for a Christmas party (about 30) does she want to join? Does she want to come to church with us? I know she is lonely. She only knows us, her American family and other AuPairs with the agency. Her English is difficult for her and the reason she became an AuPair. But whenever you are speaking with people in a language you are not comfortable with, you become a little self conscious.

G is amazing. She is great and patient with my kids and the perfect fit for our family. But, she is only 20 years old. I remember when I was 20 years old. I liked to meet with friends, go for coffee or shopping or just hang out. In comparison to her 20 years, I am old. The things I do for fun are not as much fun for her. I am trying to find ways for her to meet people her own age and create a network of friends here in the US too. Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general is known for the ‘freeze’ where people will say: “We should totally do that…” and never follow through. She has registered for some continuing education at a local community college. Anyone have any other ideas?


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