Turkey Lurky Doo

The title is from the Adam Sandler Song “The Turkey Song“.

Turkey on Thanksgiving!

Turkey on Thanksgiving!

The holidays are intense. There are menues to plan, spaces to decorate and gifts to buy. Buying gifts for secret santa, white elephant, giving trees and family members and all the other things tha come with it. This year for Thanksgiving, our AuPair’s first Thanksgiving. Remember, they don’t celebrate it in France. We were having friends over, and I wanted to show G how a traditional Thanksgiving meal is done. I bought the turkey 2 weeks early, all 23 pounds of it, and placed it to defrost (safely) in the refrigerator in the garage. I mean who wants to give their guests food poisening?! I had also purchased another turkey the week of Thanksgiving for a Christmas party we were hosting 2 weeks later.

Come Thanksgiving morning, guess whose turkey had not defrosted by Thanksgiving? Yep, mine. So on Thanksgiving morning, I sent the husband to the QFC down the street for a fresh turkey. The staff was gracious, though probably laughing at me, and found the last fresh turkey in the store. I now had 3, count them all, 3 20+ pound turkeys in my house! Needless to say, G has gotten her fill, as have the rest of us, of turkey.

For leftovers, Ive made pot pie, dumplings, stir fry, tetrazini and eaten sandwhiches with cranberries and cream cheese until we are blue in the face. I think we are all turkey’d out and Ham is on the menu for Christmas! Hope the holidays are treating you all well!


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