Rough and Tumble

Oh happy day. I love being a mom of boys. No, really I do. I always dreamed of one day having a girl. Like literally, I’ve had dreams of what she would look like and how she would sound. But so far, I have been blessed by 3 mostly-good (80% at least) boys. They are all so unique, but they are rough and tumble, that’s for sure. Well a few weeks ago, that rough and tumble took a turn and Archie broke an adult tooth by running, face first, into twin brothers elbow. He didn’t realize it until hours later and thinks he may have swallowed the tooth. Of course, this happened the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. So EVERYONE was closed for 4 days. We’ve had the emergency appointments to decide what might be done (a crown, possible root canal and eventual implant), and now, we begin our adventure. All for the child of mine who hates the dentist the most! Thank goodness for an HSA. And, my dentist can buy some pretty fantastic Christmas gifts with these fees! Im just thankful these are his only teeth issues. I don’t know how I’d afford anything else.

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