It Works! Greens a product review

It is a new year and I have renewed my commitment to getting healthier. Well, in doing that, I have been working out on P90X3 in the morning before work and taking ½ hour to run on a treadmill in my office building. It is a nice perk to have. This has lead me to be more tired than usual. So, I have been taking advantage of another great perk, coffee for 25cents and free refills.

Yes, coffee isn’t great for you, but the caffeine is quite useful for keeping me productive and useful throughout the day. And if I had to choose between soda and coffee, a small cup of coffee is worlds better, right? Well, yesterday, my system rebelled. I felt icky, my stomach had tied itself in knots and was really protesting anything I ate all day long.

Picture Courtesy of It Works! - click for link

Picture Courtesy of It Works! – click for link

After some troubleshooting (drinking a glass of milk seemed to help), I realized I had been putting too much acid in my system. My whole body was reacting poorly. So, I turned to It Works Greens. This is not an advertisement. I’ve been drinking this several times a week for awhile now. I was turned onto the product by a friend of mine, who is a distributor, but heard my complaints and said “I have just what you need.”

I am an auditor by trade and I grew up with a mother who has participated in every MLM under the sun. This makes me more skeptical than most. But I tried it, decided the taste wasn’t bad, and I did feel better afterward. Greens actually is like a vegetable matcha-type powder. I just drink it with warm water like a green citrus tea. Super yummy, and it’s healthy and it helps alkalize my body. So, when I’ve had too much coffee/wine… (IS there such a thing?) to drink or eat like Spicy Pho, I find drinking this really helps not just my stomach but also gives me a boost of caffeine free energy. Two cups of the Greens later and I am a new person. Going to hold off in the coffee again today, but will probably be back drinking it tomorrow, after my greens of course. All in all, it’s an amazing product and thought I should share it with you.

Follow the link in the picture above or here if you want more information from the company.


P90X3 Day 1

From – click for page

I’ve started the P90X3 with a group of ladies I’ve met via twitter and now Facebook. The group gives amazing support, encouragement as well as helpful tips and motivation. That said, today was my first day trying the P90X3. I decided to try the Lean program as it uses a bit more cario and I am not trying to bulk up, but lose inches. My eventual goal is to stop shopping plus sizes in the store, but for right now, I am planning on losing 2 pant sizes.

This morning, however, I realized I forgot my P90X calendar at home and didn’t remember the workout I was supposed to start with, so I popped in the 1st video. Omergawd! Synergetics is completely craz-ay! There are these spider like push-up jump things, and a bunch of balancing stuff that makes my grade school PE teacher’s voice ring in my ears. “Hey, spaghetti legs (me) keep it together.” Needless to say, to save myself from completely feeling like I’m incompetent, I’m hitting the treadmill this afternoon too.

Oh, and even better… on the lean program, I was supposed to do a completely different workout. So yea, there is that. Well, tomorrow is another day. And, it’s not about how frequently we fall off the horse, but how quickly we get back on, right? So tomorrow, it is day one redoux.

Sean just said:


This weekend, I was running errands and was trying to use Siri to call the hubs. It kept telling me it didn’t have a phone number for a completely different name.

Sean: your phone isn’t so smart

Me: it’s inly a phone, and you’re right, phones aren’t very smart.

Sean: Then why do they call them smartphones??

Me: You know what, I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Running, is faster better?

Lately, I have been running. Not so much over the holidays what with bronchitis and all. But, after participating in the 1st run and making it a goal to hit six (Yes, 6!) 5ks over the next year, my enthusasim has once again taken hold.

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

As I run on a treadmill, I notice – I can usually run for about 3minutes +/- if the rate of speed is set to a 5.0, whereas I can only run for about 2minutes +/- if I ratchet the speed up to 5.2. (Point of clarity: I never said I would WIN the race, just run as much of it as I could.) I am slow, and I am okay with that.

But, I have a burning question:

As I start running more and trying to aim for running during the whole 5K, what is better: running at 5.2 for 2 minutes or 5.0 for 3 minutes? Ive tried the couch to 5K and Im not sure if I should aim for the time or the speed, because frankly, if I aim for the time, I have not completed a 5K. Im that slow.

Any runners out there who can help me out with some advice?

Marriage, Homosexuality and the Church – My Opinion

This post is from my personal perspective. It is a bit more controversial/religious but no less opinionated than many of my other posts on this blog. The news lately in Seattle is filled with information about a vice principal of a Catholic high school who was fired/resigned because of his marriage to his partner. The Vice Principal was gay. He married his partner. The students protested over winter break. Other staff/contractor types have come out and said they are marrying their partners.


Many churches, including one I attend, is very vocal about homosexuality as a life style. There are others who embrace and show love to people of this orientation. It is hard to find a politician, and we KNOW they lie through their teeth to get votes, who aligns with all our beliefs. So I find it equally hard to find a church who aligns with all my beliefs. I think of myself as a woman of God, who tries and frequently stumbles on her quest to become a better Godly wife, mother and co-worker.

But, I have a problem when people say homosexuality affects marriages, degrades the moral fabric or is unnatural or [insert favorite argument against it here].


In a world where divorce rates amongst heterosexual couples hover historically in the 50% range, I fail to see a valid argument why homosexual couples should be able to at least give marriage a shot. I see no potential impact to heterosexual marriages. I just see more opportunity to show people how to love your partner through the thick and thin, through the good times and bad. We all make mistakes, we all sin, we all have done things we shouldn’t have done. Sometimes the resolution for that is divorce, sometimes it isn’t, but that should be something every couple decides for themselves.


To those that say this lifestyle affects how the rest of us conduct our lives, get over it. I decide how I conduct my life. It is between me, myself, my husband and our conscious. Are we doing the right thing, are we setting a good example for our kids? Those are the questions I ask myself. Not, are those people going to affect me, because they aren’t. A bigger problem for society, especially as a mom of boys, things like: scandals like Steubenville (US) and stories of teen girls who are bullied after being raped (Canada). Sex parties after school, drinking and driving, and human trafficking are more derogatory to society than homosexuals getting married.


I am not homosexual. I’ve known people who are. I’ve had conversations with people who remember something always being a little ‘different’, something they might not have been able to figure out at a young age, but did as they matured. I’ve also read stories of scientists who are trying to figure out if this is nature/nurture or some combination thereof. I am not a scientist either. But my belief is this: God is all-knowing and all-encompassing; He wouldn’t make a mistake. I make mistakes. I make many mistakes, but He doesn’t. Which says to me, we has planned for people to be this way. I don’t totally get it, but I don’t need to. I am not even going to try and pretend to understand His plan, because whenever I try to plan my own life, He laughs. If God made us in his own image, and He made people in variety of skin colors, shapes and sizes, why can’t he have made people of different sexual orientations? It seems plausible to me.

This post is longer than many of my other posts, and not nearly as fun or lighthearted. But, I get so mad when people use a dogma or a philosophy to dismiss others. In my opinion, homosexuality, in and of itself, is not detrimental. Groups of people, regardless of sexuality, who intentionally hurt others (See examples above) are what harms society. I wish people would stop blaming a sexual orientation, when it is actions by all types of people against others that need the condemnation.