2013: The year of the Lego

2013 was the year of the Lego for our family. My older boys, just turned 7, decided they had a love of Legos. Friends at school helped introduce them to things like Ninjago and Chima. We don’t have TV and usually rent movies via the library. It’s free and you can keep videos for 7 days! But we hadn’t rented these types of videos before them entering their 1st/2nd grade split classes. I never played with Legos. The idea of putting jigsaw puzzles and making things out of little tiny blocks was never really that interesting for me. I wasn’t meant to be an engineer. Archie and Sean, however, have decided to turn in the Thomas train track for Legos.

Courtesy of Bricks4Kidz: Drgaonfly

When they were 3-5, they loved nothing more than to create an elaborate train track with bridges and tunnels made with other toys. Then at age 5, daddy brought out his old Legos. They were hooked, even if they couldn’t quite grasp it yet. Their earlier creations were long skinny pieces of Legos with some wheels attached. Their imagination made up for the lack of style. We’ve had everything from flying, dive-bombing fire trucks to huge long personnel carriers, that incidentally also blew things up. So, when school started this year, and the boys were finally old enough to join the Bricks 4 Kidz after school Lego club, we scraped the money together and enrolled them. Heaven!

Each week, they build something new under the direction of the teacher. They do not get to keep their creations, but they are learning. They are learning about gears, spatial awareness, how to take direction, but how to further their imagination too. And, that is a good thing.

We ended the year of the Lego with a bang. We managed to find some decent prices on Lego kits and the kids spent 2 whole days over Christmas building their various Lego kits and re-building them and changing them. That is what makes the BEST toys. Toys that are sturdy (lets face it kids are rough), offer a way to continually configure and re-configure and toys that offer infinite possibilities when paired with an active imagination. It isn’t wooden vs. plastic, it’s content.  I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!


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