2014 is going to ROCK

I keep seeing these posts about New Years Resolutions. Historically, my New Years resolutions haven’t been kept. I get partway, feel successful and then ride on that feeling for a couple months, then feel pretty bad I didn’t follow through. 2013 I changed things up and had ‘Wishes’ for myself and the family. This year, I don’t want to use the word ‘Wishes’. I want to use the word ‘Goals’. For me wishing is more of a “Hey, it could happen. Anything is possible” kind of scenario. Goals means I have something to measure against, something to really work toward.

I am the daughter of a mid-west farm boy. You can take the boy from the farm, but you can’t steal his work ethic. While I appreciate my downtime, I have inherited a lot of his drive. I swear, that man will stop moving only when he is dead, or sitting in his favorite recliner resting his eyes. So, the idea of a Goal vs. a Wish appeals to me.

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

Beginning of the 1st Run by Metro Parks

Last year: I wanted to catch my 6 year old in a foot race. I worked hard and even though it has taken many months, I did finally beat my now 7 year old in a foot race, well – one of them. The other 7 year old did beat me by about 20 seconds.

A Facebook/Twitter friend of mine, a woman I admire greatly, she has 6 kids and manages to keep her sanity, uses a theme for her New Year. My theme this year is simplify. In an effort to simplify my life I have come up with these goals.

Winner of the 1st Run: Sean

Winner of the 1st Run: Sean

This year’s Goals:

  1. Pay down our debt: The hubs was under employed for 7 months and un-employed for 6 weeks. We need to get the budget back on track and lose about 3 months salary in debt.
  2. I want to run (realistically: run/walk) at least six 5K runs.
  3. I want to clean out the clutter in my house, sell on craigslist 3 items a month or donate a big bag to goodwill once a month.
  4. I want to shrink 2 pant sizes.

You will notice I have put numbers on these goals. These are specific and I am clear what I expect from myself. This will be hard, especially since I am starting up a small business for taxes and bookkeeping in addition to my full time job. Hard to keep it simple with two jobs, but this should help me accomplish goal #1 that much quicker.


3 thoughts on “2014 is going to ROCK

  1. Having a goal is so much better than a resolution. If you’re going to make a change in your life, as most resolutions are, then simply make it. Having an arbitrary start time makes it so much easier to drop them. For the reasons you’ve stated, your approach is good. And your goals seem reasonable.

    • Thanks! Ive already sold 2 things from the house this month and put together a budget! Now its about sticking to it. Have a great 2014!

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